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A kid gets sick from cancer, his treatment makes him lose his hair so he shaves it. the classmates shave their hair so he wouldn't fell left out. the teacher is inspired and he does the same.the kid is getting better and is going to return to school.
From: K12SD1\ke030
Posted: 2/23/2012 10:20 AM
Subject: Buddies Bare Their Affection for Ill Classmate- Summary

​A good summary of an informational text covers the main events or main points, not every single detail. That is why a summary is always much shorter than the original piece. Use the information you read to write a summary of the news story about Ian and his friends. Here are some tips for writing a good summary:

1- Cite the author and title of the article

2- Cite the topic of the article in a few words

3- Retell the main events or main points of the article, using your own words. Include only key events or key points.

4- Sum up the writer's message or main idea

After you have written your summary, read it over and ask yourself: Would a person who has not read the article understand what it is all about? If your answer is negative, go back and revise your summary.


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